List-page to Card-page relationship

list to page

To successfully create a logical relationship between a List page and Card page in RTC, perform the following steps:

  1. In Dynamics NAV classic client, go Tools || Object Designer || Page.
  2. Select the List page required || Click Design || Go to first blank line preceding the Field Controls
  3. Select the page properties (Shift+F4) || Page Properties Window Displays.
  4. In the Page Properties Window:
    1. Change the Value of Editable to NO.
    2. Change the Value of CardFormID to the Card Page required (Enter the object ID).
  5. Save and Compile the List Page.
  6. Test the List page :
    1. In Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 -->> Select and Run the Object Designer :
      1. Double Click a Record, the Card Page for the Record Displays.
    2. Alternatively, In Dynamics NAV 2009 -->>  At Run cammand, type : DynamicsNAV:////runpage?page=<page ID> to invoke the Listpage
  7. The above simulates the logical relationship between Customer List and Customer Card in RTC.
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