Contact Search is Not Working!


When end-user attempts to search records with Contact Search feature, nothing happens. Providing the end-user has the correct NAV license,  this usually occurs  because the Search Index mode has not been set to AUTO on the Marketing Setup. Setting this to AUTO enables search index to be built, the system can then perform search tasks as required.

Contact Search is accessed in Dynamic Nav from:  Sales and Marketing Menu|| Marketing || Search Contact

Contact Search


Set the Search Index Mode to AUTO to index all the search areas. This is done on the General Tab of the Marketing Setup which can be accessed from: Sales and Marketing Menu|| Setup || Marketing Setup || The following Screen displays:

Relationship Setup

Once the Search Index Mode is set to AUTO,  the following message appears, Click OK to it:

Index Message

NAV Index Message

Then the Indexing Progress interface displays:

Index Progress

Index Progress

Once finished, Contact Search functionality is ready for use  . You can find out more information about this functionality by reading the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help.

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